August 9th, 2007


Of hoops and buffalo hunting

Last night I emailed the psi hoop guy, and got the tracking number off him. His comment - "I wouldn't be too worried, the guys at customs are probably playing with it!"


So anyway, I went to USPS, plugged in the number, and discovered that it cleared customs in New Zealand last Friday. Yes, that's right folks, it got from the US to New Zealand in four days. That's allowing for the time zone tango. And CourierPost in Wellington got it on Tuesday (I found this out on phoning NZPost). So that's four days US to NZ, four days Auckland to Wellington, and so far a day and a half to get from the depot at the bottom of Ngaio Gorge Road to my place, a distance of around 600m.

Hmm. I may go pay them a visit tonight.

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Meanwhile, work is causing me to want to plant one hell of a lot of trees. Dumb stupid people who want things in hard copy and can't cope with electronic stuff.




My other shiny arrived today too. I am OD-ing on shiny.

Also - personalised plate on a car with all over it - CONZ4U. I think they mean for you but CONZ? FOR ME? Someone didn't think about that..

*more squeeing*