August 8th, 2007


Calling all local burners!

This year at Burning Man, our very own Kiwiburn is going to be represented at the Regionals Information Centre Camp thing. Yonderman, as our representative to the Borg, is going to be in this camp doing representy stuff.

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Meanwhile, Kiwiburn is looking into the options for how to become carbon neutral. I am very excited by this prospect, and since we have Dr Science, we are in good hands. Although we may possibly end up wearing red shirts and taking over the world. How could this be a bad thing, hmm?

Still no hoop. *moop* It gets the rest of today, and then I start chasing it. Seriously. Don't the postal service understand about the Now Generation? Jeez!

Also, thank you for yesterday, happyinmotion and richdrich. I love how the comments to my blog rarely if ever end up having anything to do with what I post about, but yesterday's segue from how to pick a broodmare based on conformation to duelling lawnmowers at dawn, was one of the best I've seen so far. I love my friends.