August 7th, 2007


Two sad words


Of course, he said it would arrive Monday. And he's in America. And American Monday is today, which is actually Tuesday. And it's only sad because I have no sense of delayed gratification and am basically 12.

Amazingly, I haven't died of waiting yet.

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I couldn't help but see the similarity between this and my experiment with picking attractive people from photos. Horses are more fun though, you can be a lot more scathing. Heh. I am just imagining us looking at a photo of a guy going "Noo... he's slightly knock-kneed so he'd become inactive and fat as he got older due to injury - no, that narrow chest won't hold the lungs for extended lovemaking, and those teeth are inefficient! Undershot jaw ftl!"

(actually, undershot jaw = weak chin = generally considered to be unattractive. hmm. wonder if there's anything in this)
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