August 6th, 2007


Of hot boys and warm nights

Robin of Sherwood was just as hot, and quite a lot more cheesy than I remember. Having a bunch of people making up dialogue as we went along was lots of fun. But the biggest, most important thing about yesterday was this:

Just how much like nzguero does this guy look? Hmm?

(macro yoinked from fuvenusrs who is made of awesome).

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Today I am really feeling the work from Saturday. Mostly in my right hand, because blade shears are not something I'm accustomed to. I'm thinking of spending the money and getting a battery powered electric shearing plant. I really appreciated the lack of engine noise and smell while working on Saturday. That kind of hard work is good for the soul, and Boris invades my reverie with his "GGGRRORORROROOOOAPUTPUTTPUTT" noises. And the job is much quicker and easier with a machine. Hmm.

How sad is it that I brought my car in today so that I can get home quicker and see if my hoop is there? Shut up Happy, I know what you're thinking. I'll plant some trees, ok?

What did everyone else do for the weekend? I feel like I need another one now.