August 3rd, 2007



This is the post where, if you want to come and drool over Michael Praed as Robin of Sherwood, at Happy's on Sunday at 2pm, it would be cool if you comment and let us know. This way Happy and I will know if we will have to share couch space of if it's just us and we can giggle like 14 year old girls and eat all the chippies and jellybeans and plait each others' hair and stuff.

(we may indulge in gossip about celebrities too because, you know, we're SO like that)

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Meanwhile, I'm introducing my colleagues to psytrance. I even found a Nine Inch Nails remix that doesn't have any swearing in it! Chalk that one up. And, someone just gave me an mp4 player. And it's Friday. And payday. And my hoop might arrive early. And I (supposedly) have crutching tomorrow. Yes this makes me happy. Hard physical labour is good for the soul.


I'm going to Fidels for a bit after work, please come say hi! Also, there's rainyk in town, and fire dancing at Petone. Somehow I'll get to all of these, yes yes I will...