August 2nd, 2007


The Tats perspective on domestic bliss

I have started my decor project for Weird Pscience. It's big. And it will be Shiny!

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Now, aren't you glad you read that? Now you too can make an informed *cough* decision on what's the root cause of any relationship troubles you might have. I also love how her dress goes from 'prison issue' to 'floral and girly' but he doesn't change his clothes at all. I wonder if he has BO yet?

Um, yeah. Lovely weather we're having..

On a semi-related note, I go along Thorndon Quay every morning on my way to work. I see it as a monument to the mainstream, with its homebuilding shops, interior decorating places and furniture outlets. It's the perfect link between the burbs and the city. Anyway, this morning as the bus went along, I started to notice the juxtaposition of the shops. First, there's the cafe and the bridal shop. Then the bed shop. Then the home valuation company. Then a bunch of furniture, paint, wallpaper and lighting shops. Then there's the big mall thing that specialises in maternity and kidswear. Then the sports stadium and two pubs. After that comes the train station.

I find it amusing that the last thing you pass before entering the city is the School of Law.

I am a cynic.