August 1st, 2007


Fish, ducks, brollies and bedmates - what more does a girl need?

What an awesome day! Seriously, I mean it. When do you get to actually use an umbrella in Wellington? Normally, you can spot the tourists because they're the ones with the brollies turned inside out, being blown miserably up the street in the rain while the locals pull the hood on their snowboarding jackets down a bit lower and their scarves up a bit higher. But today! Today it's WARM. And STILL. And yes, raining, but it's not unpleasant rain.

Who stole Auckland's weather and sent it here? Hmm?

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And it's a lovely house with a great dance space, and should be a good party. I'm looking forward to it.

Today is moving day. It's going to stop raining by the time we finish work. Yep. *nod* *looks pointedly at sky* And also, I'd like to say - I like going to sleep with someone. ;-) I never used to. What's happening to me?

[EDIT] For lifeofreilly - an overdue fish and chip review! Robin's Grill, Pasadena.

This place isn't specifically a fish and chip shop as you'd see here - it's a restaurant. With table service and everything! So naturally you'd expect to pay a bit more. The main thing is, they do actual fish and chips, with beer batter. And other things, but here we are focusing on fnc. So:

Price: $9.95US - this is for a full meal, on a plate, with knives and forks and everything!
Fish: The fish was excellent, tender and juicy, although I did end up peeling the batter off some of it because it was a little too much after a while. FOUR FILLETS IN ONE MEAL!
Chips: Also good. Crispy and hot, not soggy. Again, more than I could eat. They came with two different dipping sauces, which was very nice.
Service: Typical American service, which is to say over the top good. They can't do enough for you.
Overall rating: 8/10 - The batter was a little too thick on the fish, and realistically I find being given more food than I can actually eat to be a little bit wasteful.

Also - their fish fry is on Wednesday, and if you go there, order the stuffed mushrooms too. They are awesome. More details with pictures here.