July 30th, 2007


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Today I'm wearing the skirt that russiandolls found on Saturday. Apparently it's a bit too bondagey and it made her think of me. I am not going to go too deeply into the whole bondage aspect, I'm just glad she thought of me because I love it! D rings ftw, I say! Also, yep, finding good stuff for other people is definitely russiandolls' not so secret superpower. She rocks, and not just because of that.

Also, it has a gigantic split that is kind of covered in a clever way by a panel that hangs when you're standing, but moves to maintain modesty when moving. Of course, this is Wellington and we get wind, so as a nod to that, I'm wearing hot pink stockings under the skirt for added.. um.. modesty. Yeah. Modesty. *cough*

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It makes me very happy that people think of me when they see sheep related things.

Also, I had an excellent weekend, in so many ways *wink*. Now, I am being regaled by my talkative colleague about her 'miserable' weekend, which involved going to a wedding, eating fancy food, staying in a flash hotel with her friends, and getting dressed up and being poncy. It has so far taken her 10 minutes to list the litany of things that weren't fun. Some people seem to have a remarkable ability to find negativity in just about anything. I am resisiting the urge to take the piss.

(just quietly, i enjoy the rants a little, because they're quite funny. but just once it'd be nice to hear about how she enjoyed herself and what an adventure she had with all these things going wrong. meanwhile i'm attempting not to return the favour with details of my adventures on saturday night)