July 29th, 2007


I'm also a fan of Cookie Monster

I bought this last week. Was in Cosmic Corner and saw it on the shelf, went "Hey, is that our Grouch?" The guy had no idea. So I read the album cover and by brilliant deduction (O Allison? Hey, he's got the same last name as me! But yeah, O for Oscar - yep, that's our Grouch), figured that yes it was that freakycrazycool guy I met at Broken Bass. And promptly bought it.


Turns out it's his first album and I was the first person to buy one. Why? Because they haven't really been promoting it, and they haven't had the release party yet. It's next week at the Tattoo Museum by the way. The cool thing is that on the flyer, it says "Sponsored by Tats!" I don't think they actually mean me (would be cool if they did but I think it's actually something to do with the Tattoo Museum), but hey, Grouch is sponsored by me now because I bought his album. ;-)

Anyway, if you like dub/psy/progressive music, you'll probably like this. It starts off being reminiscent of oldschool Salmonella Dub and progresses through to happy psy (love that pingy 303 noise - it reminds me of happy hardcore without the hardcore or the chipmunks or the 160+bpm), and progresses through to a couple of almost fullon tracks. I can't say I have a favourite track, because this is a whole album kind of album, and when it was finished, I started again at the beginning. I like it that much. And for $20, I'd say give this guy a go. He calls it 'conscious music'. I call it good fun and an enjoyable listen.

[/wanky music review]

But it's GOOD. Yeah.

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