July 27th, 2007


Very Important Day!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY xhile! Yay birthdays! *sneaksneak* Last night there was much sneaking around and hiding of Things in Places and preparation for birthdays, since I wasn't able to be there to just hand over the goods in a blatant and birthdayish way. The plan was to send a text early in the morning saying "Go look in the.... " and Voila! There it would be, all surprisey like. But, this week being that kind of week, guess who left their cellphone behind in the scramble to get to the hospital in time. So the Mystery Sneaky Gift Giving Plan has now moved to Plan B, which I made up on my way to work. Yay for email, I say!

Hi, I'm Tats and I bumble through one way or another..

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Thus endeth my foray into the world of TV soaps.

So anyway. Pants. Anyone know any good websites where one can look at pictures of funky pants? I had a whole lot of links saved on *fanfare* The Dead D Drive O Doom! And I've lost them all. Now someone is asking about dancing pants. There was one particular asian (Malaysia or Thailand I think) site that specialised in rave gear, and had LED and UV stuff as well, that was outside the 'normal stock standard' phat pants and tube tops that you normally see - and I can't find it! pombagira, I think I sent that link to you at one point. Any chance you still have it, or anyone else who reads this know of somewhere? Feel free to post your favourite link...

And, I am very much looking forward to dinner tonight. A restaurant that specialises in desserts? What more could a girl ask for?