July 23rd, 2007


I hurt. It's nice.

So it seems Sunday afternoons suit most people for perving watching of Robin of Sherwood. The DVD has all 12 episodes of the first series on it so it'd probably have to be a two time thing to see the whole lot. My place is not conducive to easy access or to comfortable seating, so I'm wondering if someone wants to volunteer their lounge to be invaded by slavering fangirls and boys from about 2:30 this coming Sunday? We could bring munchie food and blob around like the lazy bums we'd all like to be..

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This week seems to be all about the lunches. And the early nights.

Also, there is a farm for sale. Because of my in-built penchant for self-flagellation, we are going to go have a look. I know that I can't afford it but looking is fun and dreaming is more fun, and it will make me feel like I'm doing something towards my dream. (I am actually doing something, but shelling out X dollars a week towards a house that I don't get to live in doesn't actually feel like doing something. I want to go measure pasture and check fences and fantasise about fat happy cows. I am a mug)

So, is there hooping tonight?