July 9th, 2007


Progress against Progressive!

Isn't this what Jim said wouldn't happen?. Of course, this is a Stuff article so you can guarantee it's poorly researched and poorly balanced, and possibly just sensationalist journalism.

And Michael Laws says it way better than I could (Mike E's blog is a fount of information on this topic).

Meanwhile, I've heard back from more politicians, mostly passing me along to their representatives on the issue. I am very much looking forward to hearing what Nandor Tanczos has to say.

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It seems there is hope yet that a sensible approach may be taken. The legislation has to go through a parliamentary Select Health Committee process before being passed, and if current research that seems to be demonstrating that the research Mr Anderton was working off is incorrect and that BZP is safer than originally thought pans out, things may actually be looked at realistically. This makes me happy.

Yesterday we had Family Day. This involved going bowling, in which I got better as the game went on *cough nuff said*, and going to see Pirates 3 in which Johnny Depp reinforced that he's a great actor even with a bad script and supporting cast. And tonight, I have much to look forward to.

I have also decided to fly to Auckland for the 28th, to see Tom Cosm and Big Dave play at Space. *excited*

What really happened on Saturday..

So somebody encouraged me, and as you know, I don't need much encouragement. And, realistically, one dorky-looking fangirl shot of MEWITHTOMCOSMOMG!!!!!! doesn't really show how the evening went.

So here are the rest:

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There were more, but mostly of people we don't know being happy. And everyone knows it's more fun when it's people you know.

I'm hoping the rest of the photos will be on NZRave tomorrow. I was a bit slow getting them away this time.