July 3rd, 2007

going native

Stoopid winter! *mutter*

Lately I've been feeling dissatisfied with my wardrobe. Well, not the wardrobe itself, that's fine (although I'm starting to think I need a separate one for costumes) - but the contents.

This is silly, I have more clothes than I need and I rarely have to wear a repeat outfit if I don't feel like it, because I'm good at buying stuff that goes with Everything Else I Own. However, lately the variety hasn't been enough, and I've been feeling like having a sacrificial burning.

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This post brought to you by the beginnings of Equinoxical Angst - yes I know the equinox isn't for a couple of months yet, but the days are getting longer and the weather is not yet improving. This is my theory behind the Grr that everyone feels in late winter/early spring.

In other news, Tommy arrives tomorrow to visit for a week. *excited but meep* This is the first time he's visited that I haven't been on holiday to hang out with him full time.

The Man Himself speaks

So I got a reply from Jim Anderton.

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On Saturday night, there was supposed to be a Drum n Bass gig at SubNine. It was cancelled at the last minute, and the bouncer from Attic ended up having to deal with a group of 10 or so teenagers who had tickets but no gig to go to. They were on P. He was very very lucky that there was a large group of partygoers there with him, because it was looking like turning very nasty. Meanwhile, what were the partygoers on? BZ fucking P, mainly. They were, between them, able to defuse the situation and the teenagers left.

*mutter* I wish politicians occasionally showed up in the real world..

(i will update if i do get a reply)