June 29th, 2007


Please Mr Anderton, can you wipe my bum now? Cause, you know, I can't do it for myself..

Yesterday, Jim Anderton announced that the government would be reclassifying BZP as a Class C substance, making possession of it similar to possession of marijuana in the eyes of the law. They are predicting $500 fines and/or 3 month jail terms for possession, more for distribution.

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On a lighter note, Zen is Smart. Too fricking smart. He has learned that if he goes and whines at grist as if he wants to go out, First (who is Dumb) will get up and run round excitedly. He can then steal her place in front of the heater.

We are trying to figure out ways of training him out of this. But, because he's a terrier, he's Smart and Not That Trainable. First, because she's a sheepdog, is Highly Trainable but Not That Smart.

Maybe we should be training her not to move from the heater, ever, no matter what Zen does. Hmm...

Also. After yesterday's Mercedes Benz reference, someone suggested I try for a harder one. So here you go. A dialogue:

"So dreaming lets you know that reality exists?"
"No - only that my mind exists. I'm not sure about anything else."

No googling.