June 28th, 2007


Post of great political import*

OK, so yesterday's post about piercings generated a bit of comment, and when I asked what people thought of the idea of me getting a lip piercing, it was suggested that I use the fake piercing I had lying around at home to 'test-drive' various positions. I should then take photos and post them on the internet in a form of public opinion poll.

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Yes, today's post is fantastically deep and world-changing. Just like the function of my brain.

*insert something here about the Aboriginals and John Howard and how I'm so utterly horrified by this that I have no words and am embarrassed by association that we live in the same hemisphere as that man*

Any Northern Hemisphere people who make assumptions about us being anything like Australia will now be subject to double the derision and insults that they were before.

On a lighter note, you should read Edible Dirt. Yes, you. *points* *giggles* I think you'd like it.)

* Chocolate fish to anyone who can tell me where the ref in today's title comes from.

If you like psytrance

It's better than if you like pina coladas. Seriously.

But anyway, if you do, go to this site and download the mix called July Psy. It's quite big (~100MB and 1:20 long).

I like it. American psy is growing on me. This is a true journey set, and as an added bonus it has Kotahitanga in it. Nice. Also, in places it pushes the boundaries between genres, and I like that.

[/fangirl squee]

This morning I was listening to something that had samples from K-Pax. That was pretty cool too.