June 21st, 2007


Everybody loves LOG!

Continuing the theme today we have another day, another pencil skirt. This one looks like a kind of bronzey pinky tweed, but it's stretchy. The shirt is the Magic Shirt of Never Ever Ironing (<3 russiandolls), a darker shade of the same colour, stretchy and looking like shot silk. Add a cardigan and hey presto! I look like a schoolteacher.

Talking with workmates yesterday, there may be a Twinset Day in our future. Why? Just for a laff.

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And here's one for the ladies. When I'm walking, I generally either strut like a model or stride like a farmer. I'm not so good with the strolling. However, I observed a friend of mine walking the other day. She strolls brilliantly and she looks very feminine. She's also very easy to recognise from a distance because of the way she walks. And the other day I pinned down what it was. When she walks, instead of having her palms facing inwards or backwards, her wrists are angled so that the palms are facing downwards and slightly forward, with the fingers pointing outwards and slightly back.

So I tried it, walking to work this morning. And I suddenly slowed down and started looking up and around at things instead of straight ahead as I normally do. It was weird. And I felt more girly. I don't understand why, but holding my hands at a slightly different angle changed a whole lot of things both physically and internally as well. Try it, see what happens. They aren't held stiff, just a slight gentle alteration of angles, and ...


*cough* Anyway. I learned a new hoop trick. I can now hoop round my shoulders. Next step is to take my head out and hoop round one shoulder. It's taken a couple of weeks to get the hang of this one, so I'm feeling rather chuffed with it. And my armpit muscles hurt. I didn't even know I had armpit muscles. Also - kickstarting the new heavy hoop from the ground? Check. One day I'll put it all together and make a dance.

Oh, and this cracked me up.