June 20th, 2007


Total n00bs ftw!

Today, I am a study in brown and pink. They aren't colours I'd normally combine, but this week I'm trying to:

a) dress every day in items I got from the clothes swap
b) still be warm enough

So, it's a grey/brown pencil skirt, just below the knee, pink top and a pinky brown cardy, with knee length boots. And, surprisingly, it works. I look like something out of the 1950s. I feel like I should be wearing one of those bras that makes my boobs all pointy-pokey-eye-outy to complete the look. Failing that, wearing no bra makes my boobs all pointy-pokey-eye-outy anyway. RAH! Phear my dangerboobs! Only you'd have to be less than 5cm away to be in danger. ;-)

You needed to know that. Yes you did.

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Um, anyway, in surprise news from yesterday, I get an xhile for the weekend. *cue excitement and squeeing* This is going to make it harder to get out of bed.

Not that I mind ;-)

[EDIT] This made me LOL. Literally.

[ANOTHER EDIT] For mudita303 courtesy of ferrouswheel, who is rocking my socks today. I guess I must have a firewall issue I hadn't sorted.. The hooping vid.
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