June 16th, 2007


So I did it

And since I just got bored with waiting for YouTube to get its shit together and upload my vid (5 mins/MB? Try 20 mins for 7% Grr), I just stuck it up on my site because I'm impatient and may have a touch of ADD as well.

Me in a sexy outfit fire hooping.

(it's only 1.7MB so Go Look!) Meanwhile I'll continue to drum my fingers and wait for YouTube. *mutter*

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with the result. I made it 3 inches smaller in diameter than my usual hoop, to allow for the drag of the fire. That seems to be working reasonably well although you can tell I'm not used to the smaller hoop in the vid. You can also tell it's the first time I've done it with fire, by the "OMG what do I do with my arms?" thing.

BUT. It works. The spines will fold over for wrapping and safety in transport, and they don't get hot on a standard burn (maybe 3 minutes). The kevlar is not going to come flying off and hit any small children, and I'm not going to set fire to myself.

I'm not keen on the smell of kerosene, though, so may investigate alternative fuels.

Overall, pretty happy with my day's efforts. I also finished the Shiniest Dress Ever, and swear I will never sew that rubberised fabric ever again. But I have Shiny! And it's blue!

OK so I lied about the sexy outfit. Buy me a Psi-hoop and I'll do it naked for the entire internet.