June 15th, 2007


The final instalment

Yesterday I posted a couple of pics that of the type of people who are often presented to us as some kind of ideal in the media. Most people thought the woman was skinny, although not painfully so. I found it interesting that several people commented that it made her look very young. Anyway, while there wasn't an extreme reaction compared with the skinny model I posted last week, general consensus was Not That Attractive. My search term for that photo was 'skinny model'.

And the man. Heh. Apparently he is muscular, but obviously fake. Which is interesting. The muscles are real (although I did spend some time wondering if he'd had chest implants), not so sure about the tan. Anyway, while some people found him attractive, most people focused on the 'fake' part, and found that to be unattractive. Especially the orangeness. My search term for that photo was 'gym body'. Now, considering that the boxer I posted on Tuesday was the one most people seemed to think was a Gym Body (I called him stocky and muscular), what would you call this guy? Because to me, it's the fakeness, the obvious attention to 'muscles that look good', that makes this an obvious gym body. As compared to, say, a work body that has muscular development from doing something useful.

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I think you know the deal by now. These are the last ones. It's been a fun and interesting exercise, and I'd like to thank you for participating. I feel as though my horizons have been broadened by this, and that's gotta be a good thing, right?

In other news, this weekend I start on my fire hoop.