June 14th, 2007


Tra la la, mo bodeez for your perusal...

Right then. So yesterday's pics were a little harder to find agreement on. Opinions on the woman went from skinny through toned to average, and whether it was attractive or not seems about 50/50. The man was considered by most to be about average build, and again, opinion on attractiveness was around 50/50. So I guess that would make them pretty average. *grin*

My opinion on the male, for once, agreed with most other people. It's a body of a build that I find attractive, and if it showed more signs of physical activity I'd call it 'athletic'. The woman, I have to say I think is attractive. Why do I have to say that? Well..

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Also - it's really nice to be able to be completely open and know you're still safe. I was reminded of this yesterday and it made me go *squee*
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