June 11th, 2007


Life, the universe, girls in bikinis and everything!

One of the things I discovered last week with my polls on body shape and attractiveness, was that words on a page create a picture in people's heads, and that picture is different for different people. When I published pictures of body shapes that I thought fit my descriptions, a bunch of people went "That's not what I was picturing!" And a suggestion was made that I try doing the same thing with pictures. Now, I don't know how to create a poll with pictures, so I figure for this week, I'll just post two pics a day, one male and one female, and ask people to describe them in words.

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I've also been pondering the meaning of life. More specifically, if there is no afterlife, if you live then you die and that's it, can life still have meaning? My gut feeling is yes, but I have yet to form a coherent argument for this. Then I started thinking about Burning Man. The impermanence of it, to be exact, and the fact that it's a celebration of the temporary. And how the impermanence is one of the things that make it so enjoyable. At BM, people are living Right Now, because next week it'll all be gone. And isn't the impermanence of life a similar thing? And knowing that after you're dead it's all over, wouldn't that cause you to celebrate life all the more, live Right Now and thus get and give more than if you were storing up kudos for an afterlife? And be freer at the same time?

I guess that may not describe meaning for everyone, and as I have said, my argument is not coherent, but I wanted to put that out there to see if it makes any sense to anyone.

[/deep, heavy]

OK, that's my quota of thinking for the week. I shall have to post about shoes tomorrow.

Sense of achievement

When I started hooping classes, my goal was to be able to lift the hoop from the ground to above my head, no hands.

Classes have been going for 6 weeks. I've missed two, with one thing and another, and spent on average 5-6 hours a week practicing.

Tonight I achieved it. The trick? Doc Martens. They stop the skin coming off so you can keep trying for longer. Once I have it down pat, I won't need them because I'll only be doing it 2-3 times a session, but when you're learning you do it again and again, and it HURTS!

I am feeling rather pleased with myself. I just spent half an hour searching YouTube for a vid of someone kickstarting to above head, but the only one I found was Karis, and his vids are always way long. So pretty soon, when I'm more confident, I'll make one.

Also, I just confirmed Tom Cosm for 29 September, to play the next Wellington Dance Collective party. Colour me happy.

(i shall now go and jump around the room for a while)