June 10th, 2007


I just got up.

Risto kills babies, in accordance with BigDave's theory of how these things work. He does it with enthusiasm and aplomb. I got sucked into the psytrance black hole at 1am and that was me for the night. Luckily there were many friendly people in the black hole with me.

Callum humped my leg. I will forgive him, because he is lovely and I haven't seen him for a while. And he stopped himself when he realised what he was doing.

On my way home, after Valve shut us down at 5:15am (this? this is why i don't like valve. well, that and the no-lock-on-the-ladies-loo-door-for-two-years thing, and the acoustics), I met some security guards. I had my hoop and they were fascinated. So I gave them a demo. I had nothing better to do, Curve was shut, I wasn't ready for sleep and was feeling like being an exhibitionist. It was fun. I made someone's night.

It's funny the way people who turn up at the psy parties for the first time are amazed at how friendly everyone is. I guess it's true - lots of hugging going on, smiles, all that stuff - all while listening and dancing to the kind of music that's supposed to make you go on a psychopathic rampage. And of course, it's pretty much like that wherever I go. Other people must go other, not so friendly places a lot, to be surprised that they are welcomed at a party. It's.. interesting.

And now, I'm gonna go blob and watch trashy TV with Polly. I'm wondering if I'll get away with going to New World in my pjs. I need dog food. Yes. Yes I will. I have the Lurking Coat of Doooom and will be fine. Excellent!