June 9th, 2007


*apply label here*

Yesterday I was having conversation around a coffee table, as you do, and it turned to labelling. Well, actually it turned to a certain discussion forum that I'm a member of, and how some of the people on there are into labelling. Specifically, one particular member who told me that I shouldn't call myself pagan, and shouldn't be part of the group because I don't have a relationship with deity and am not working towards having a relationship with deity.

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Anyway, now my brain is tired. I'm going to go for a walk in the country, in the sunshine. Then I'm going to go dancing. It'll be fun. You should come. ;-)

I guess the bottom line is that people will attempt to label you no matter what you do, or not. But it's their label based on their beliefs, and they do it to make their life simpler. And that's not really harming me, is it?