June 7th, 2007


Bat country has nothing on Tat country.

OK, so here it is. I had trouble with the categories for this one. Women seem to be slightly easier to generalise about what constitutes 'body shape.' But anyway, on consultation with a few others, I think I have most of them covered. Bear in mind that slim and athletic is different from slim and androgynous - think, um.. Clint Eastwood vs Brian Molko. Or something.

And remember, it's what you find attractive, not what you'd like to look like, since from the female body shape poll, I discovered that these can be two completely different things.

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Oh look, Tats' insides spill out all over the page again. Oh well, if you didn't realise my blog is the place where I express things I have trouble saying in meatspace, you probably don't know me very well.

And yeah, long distance relationships are tough. And yeah, it's worth it.