June 6th, 2007

going native

The burning (heh) question..

Right. I think I've left it long enough that I have all the answers I'm going to get for the Who The Fuck Is Trying To Sell Us Skinny Women poll. The results are as follows:

Of the men who answered (two of whom were women) - 9 liked curvy women, 6 liked muscular women, and 5 liked skinny women.

Of the women who answered, 9 liked curvy women, 11 liked muscular women, and 5 liked skinny women.

First, let me say that Yes, I know that some people clicked more than one box. Also, my friends and the people that responded are not a statistically significant representation of the population.

However. The response to this poll indicates to me that amongst my lj friends anyway, men prefer a woman to be soft and curvy, women prefer muscular and athletic, and the least people found skinny to be attractive.

So I say again, WTF? How did skinny get to be 'the ideal'?

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I shall now proceed to curl up in embarrassment. But someone had to say it, it might as well be me. I know there's a word to describe this but I can't remember what it is...

Oh look! Shiny thing! *whistles*