June 5th, 2007


I am not afraid I am not afraid I am not afraid

Today I am listening to Fifth Floor again. It's the perfect album for a grey, cold day.

Days, maybe years, it will take to face our fears...


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In other news, sheep continue to die. I'm becoming rather blase about it now. The bottom line is, the poisoning that caused the kidney damage happened before I came on the scene. It's irreversible, and what's actually killing the sheep are everyday infections they are not able to overcome because their immune systems are munted. Any stress, any injury, any illness is likely to kill them. Yes, they have sheep-AIDS. Only, not from a virus, from a toxin. Oh yay. This means the others could drop dead at any time, and there's nothing I can do except try to give them the best living conditions possible. And try to figure out what poisoned them in the first place.

I am being philosophical about this. *nods and convinces self*

And because this post is kind of serious, have a thing:

[EDIT] Users of Nalgene water bottles may find this interesting. Read and judge for yourself.