June 4th, 2007


Quiet night in

I watched Borat last night. I am somewhat ashamed of myself as to how amusing I found it. But the best bit was when he goes to Hollywood, and there in the first scene is metachromatik. And I went *squee* and pulled out tht BM photos from last year.

Also watched, was American Psycho. I can't decide whether it's very clever or very dumb. But I found it entertaining and laughed a lot in inappropriate places and cringed at the 80s-ness of it all. The business card thing I found particularly amusing.

Anyway. I have another dead sheep. Today I get to go do an autopsy. Yes, meesto, I saw your post. If it's the same thing killing these ones as was killing the rams, I'll be calling them. But, since it's a holiday weekend, there's nobody home. So nothing will happen before tomorrow.

And I imagine the vet will want to have a really close look at this kidney.