June 1st, 2007


Good news and a question or twelve

No dead sheep last night! Isn't it amazing how your world can be reduced to happiness = nothing dead, in such a short time? Anyway, I'm feeling mildly optimistic that the dying is finished. I'll have to keep a close eye on the others, but touchwood, they all looked perky and bright and most importantly, had full tummies.

And I feel better today too. I'm guessing yesterday's seediness was probably psychosomatic, combined with a general downness from having witnessed so much death and being unable to help.

And today should bring confirmation of whatever the problem was in the first place.

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So please help me out here and tell me what you like. If none of the categories appeal to you, please feel free to comment with alternatives.

Because, you know, none of us have anything better to do than clicky clicky on polls just to satisfy Tats' curiosity.

[EDIT] I had to vote in the men's poll to be able to see the answers. I am not really a hermaphrodite. Honest!

Verdict from the vet.

Slow kidney failure due to ingesting some kind of toxin over a period of time.

WTF does that mean? Doesn't explain why only half of them got sick, or why another mob from the same flock, that has been off-farm for over three weeks, has suddenly started dying too.

Yeah, you read that right. Two of the ewe hoggets in Ohariu have died, a third is sick. I get to go out there tomorrow and see if these deaths seem related to the ram hogget deaths.


I would just like the death to stop. Now please.

[EDIT] Also, if the kidneys had failed, why did the one we autopsied have a bladder full of normal-looking urine?