May 31st, 2007


Richard is a good vet

In that he still doesn't have the tissue sample results, but he called this morning, and he's been studying and has narrowed it down to two things - cobalt deficiency or salmonella.

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And while I'm on the subject of morbid stuff - last night I suggested that when First dies I could get her taxidermied and mounted on wheels and give her laser eyes (she's always wanted laser eyes, you should see her looking at the sheep). grist's comment? "Coolness trumps taste."

Hehe. I love my brother.

Because if this thing doesn't get sorted, LJ may fall over

I made a Greatest Journal!

I also backed up my LJ. Nearly four years of daily braindumping of random shite is IMPORTANT! To me, anyway.

Not that I'm likely to get deleted. Although I did, briefly, entertain the idea of changing my interests to paedophilia, incest, little boys, little girls, vegetable rape, animal lovin and playing violent sex games.

But then I thought better of it. Anyway, there are migrational noises going on. It's there if a mass boycotting happens and all my friends disappear. If you're over there too, friend me!