May 30th, 2007


If I were the praying type, I'd pray for tolerance. Instead I'll just trance out and keep smiling.

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One of the admin ladies came in this morning and asked me if I needed any office stuff. I asked for a sensory deprivation tank. Or failing that, some of these. Or in a pinch, these would do. I looked at the noise-cancelling ones, but they only cancel ambient noise, and have a "Unique Communictaion System" that allows the human voice to cut right through. Boo to that.

Yep, I now have a medical history of my new colleague's daughter's accidents, have helped her choose which photo of her husband to put on her desk, and been offered wild pork and venison.

Is it rude of me to not ask the question she was obviously waiting for, about where the pork and venison comes from, so that she can tell me all about her friends' hunting trips?

I miss my quiet little geek-filled office. Failing the isolation cans, I have Afterglow, on repeat, LOUD. Probably also rude and antisocial, but I've been at work only 2 hours and I'm already feeling edgy and restless.

(She also made a derogatory comment about her husband along the lines of "Sometimes I admit that he belongs to me" which had me resisting the urge to give her the Tats Special Lecture About Equality till she ran away screaming for mercy)

Today, I may be evil.