May 28th, 2007


Moan Day

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As you can imagine, I'm rapt.

In other news, I get to run off from work early today. The wee flock of sheep that I'm looking after is not doing so well. Yesterday we got up there to find two dead, one on its last legs and another couple looking unwell. I phoned the vet, who gave me some advice, and if they aren't looking better today, I'm to get them in and he'll come and take blood samples and things. If they aren't looking better, I suspect I'll have to carry them to the yards.

I am not upset by sheep dying, it's part of sheep living. It does bother me that they died on my watch though. How dare they? This may be partly because there's a small voice inside me going "Maybe if you could get up there more than once a week you could have saved them."

Such is the mind of a diligent farmer. ;-/

It's cold, isn't it? It's not just me..

So, I got back to the farm at 3pm, and was just finished changing from Quals Geek Extroadinaire to Super Farm Geek (this involves some nudity, a pair of gumboots and a large plastic bag for the containment of work clothes) when Tim came up the drive. My white butt is NOT what he needed to see. Luckily, he just missed it. By about 10 seconds.


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So not the best day in my little world of sheep farming. It's nice to know it's not my fault they are sick. It sucks knowing that all I can do is wait and hope they survive till the vet comes up with a solution.

*crosses everything*