May 27th, 2007


Haysi Fantayzee

I found it! *beam*

They both could do with a sandwich, the whole thing is very 80s cheesy, and at one point they even break into a terrible, terrible version of the White People Shuffle. She is particularly bad, because you can tell she thinks it looks good. [/cynical]

But I still can't help loving this song. It epitomises that 80s attitude of "Holy crap we could all die tomorrow but what the hell." 'Sides, it's called Shiny Shiny! And the remix? WAY better. *nods* If you haven't heard it, go looking.

However, for a piece of the reason why us 30 somethings cringe when *cough*youngsters*cough* go on about how great the 80s were, watch the vid. Then you'll understand.

I do love her stockings though.