May 26th, 2007


Mother daughter bonding - with chainsaws!

Today I spent hanging out with Mum and Happy and 2 x dogs, plus a wheelbarrow and a couple of chainsaws. Thus goes the bonding in my family. Mum now has enough firewood to last the winter, and Happy has a patch of ground 3x6 metres that hasn't got much large timber lying on it any more. Apparently, one day that will be a house.

Anyway, Happy's chainsaw was bigger than mine but there is just something that makes you feel all rugged and tough about using one, whatever the size. Mum pushed wheelbarrows full of logs up the path (those of you who've been there will know the size of this achievement) and filled the trailer. First and Flint supervised, stood in the way of flying logs, got covered in sawdust and were generally decorative.

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And now, I think I should go have a shower and put myself to bed. Cripes. Even my dog is full of sawdust. And no 6:30 am start tomorrow. Bliss!
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