May 18th, 2007

going native

Hair? Where? Over there!

Freedom! Yes! After the boiler room that's been my life for the last two days, I'm FREE! *skip*

What am I going to do with this wondrous freedom? Blob at home. Yep. And probably go to bed. Don't you wish you had my glamorous exciting life? Oh yes, you know you do...

Tomorrow = Sheep, tube hunting, work, outdoor psy party. Yes, that's right, for the first time in 2 years I'm going in to work on the weekend. The boiler room ran overtime, there's a bunch of people stuck here for tomorrow who should be at home with their families, and I volunteered to go in and help them get finished so they can go home. After the sheep. Because walking around the hills with my dog and engaging in activities pastoral really appeals right now, and nobody gets between me and the need for outdoor therapy.

Um, anyway, I had a haircut. Haircuts for me always happen when I get to the Tragic and Desperate stage of hair, and then have to wait another 2 weeks for an appointment. I had a new hairdresser (or the wait would've been a month), and he was rapt to be told "Do whatever you want. Go nuts."

Apparently people at work were taking bets on what colour my hair would be this morning.

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Night all.