May 16th, 2007


And in actual news...

I am very glad that David Bain has been released. (By the way, check out that link, even if you do already know who he is. He was released yesterday, the Wiki page has been updated already. Nice).

I have always thought he was innocent. I remember the skinny, pimply, bespectacled, scared shitless looking teenager on the news 12 years ago. Now he's balding, in his thirties, never had a girlfriend and his only job has been the paper round he was returning from that morning when his life changed forever. Poor bugger. As if coming from a messed up family like that isn't enough, now he has to live in TE KAUWHATA!

I hope the privy council sees sense in this. Even if the evidence isn't enough to overturn the conviction, he's served 12 of a 16 year non-parole period, and the media has not heard a peep from him in that time. Model prisoner, etc etc, blah blah. Except that he has always maintained his innocence.

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Big news in New Zealand, probably nothing to other people. After all, only four people died. *snerk*

Saw something in a forum this morning that made me smile. Someone had commented as to how it was unusual that psytrance is so big overseas, but not that big here. Someone else replied saying "Suicide bombings and terrorist activity are big overseas. Should we make them big here too?"

Israel is a big producer of psytrance. Hmm.

I still think it's a stupid comment, but it got me thinking anyway. Because, you know, I think too much.

And, I finally have some work to do. My brain is gradually de-mushing itself. Taking bets on how long it'll last...

[EDIT] Also - I have Furry Happy Monsters stuck in my head. Thanks, allyn.
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Yes, he died. So did my Dad. Three years ago this week.

I am tired of hearing the cruel things that are being said about Jerry Falwell.

I had no love for him. I disagree with pretty much everything he said.

He had family. And friends. And they are grieving, even if we are not. They are not him and they do not deserve to see/hear this.

STFU and let them get over it before you vulture him to pieces.