April 23rd, 2007


I know the cleverest people

Why? Because they're clever, that's why.

So there I am, contemplating going to bed at 8:30 after my stupidly early Sunday start, when a text arrives. "Are you in?" "Yes" I reply. "Right then, see you in 45 minutes."

Whatever could this be about? This person is well known for being history by 9pm on your average night, what on earth would they be doing visiting me at such an ungodly hour?

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Tonight is Hooping Lesson Number 1. I'm excited. There are other people to play with! Yay! And in two days' time, I'm off on a happy road trip. *smile*

I got sent a tipoff about Darkshire Project (psy). Listen to 'Overboard' - I like the use of the female voice in this, and this guy's music in general.
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Some scientific types wanted to see the effect of slow shutter speed + fast motion + LED goodness.

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I'm pretty happy with that. Can't wait to get it cased. I may have to scour Auckland while I'm there...
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