April 20th, 2007


So beautiful it hurts?

This morning I opened my curtains to the view of Walter Peak station and the Remarkables with the sun just touching the tops, and I was moved to tears at how beautiful the world can be.

I am a sap.

However, I'm also a pragmatist and 5 minutes later I found myself musing on how I'd go about mustering such a huge face:

I figure huntaways would be the best option to start, but with the propensity of merinos to stampede downhill (normal sheep like to run uphill), and the lake at the bottom, I figure going across rather than down might be a better option. Anyway, since I know you all find sheep as fascinating as I do...

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The South Island is beautiful. In a different way from the North Island. The country is big, impressive and inhospitable, in direct contrast to its people. But here is home. I'm glad to be back. I love our poky little gullies and constant wind. And I cry at the sight of beauty on a regular basis here, too.

See? Sap. *nods*