April 16th, 2007



I got a Kim and a Thomas! They are all tanned and stuff. Hanging out with them makes me happy in a happy happy way. We made up words:

Cosmobogan: Someone who fits all the criteria for being a bogan, yet is too smart and cosmopolitan to actually come across as one.

Technohippie: The kind of people who go to psytrance parties and don't have dreadlocks.

We also went to see Pan's Labyrinth.

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And we get Thomas and Kim for another week before they retire to the boonies again. YAY!

On Saturday I tried something new - going out by myself. This was brought on by the realisation that there's nobody else in my circle of friends that's into psytrance. Which is understandable (yeah, I'm not completely unaware that my musical taste is out of the ordinary). I found myself having an internal battle to overcome the inertia (ok ok, and fear) that 'going out alone' raised in me. But I did, and I'm glad I did. As soon as I walked in the door I met people. Turns out there are at least 40 other people in Wellington with similar taste to me. 40 people in Attic means standing room only, and so we started a party on the porch. Hanging a speaker outside is an inspired idea.

I had a good time and stayed out till 4.30, when the dj changed from 'Baby Killing Psytrance' to 'Arm Waving Psytrance' (thanks Big Dave for the labels), and I ran out of dancing steam. It would seem I'm a babykiller. Hmm. I try not to be a purist, but at that time of night if the music isn't doing it for me, my nana tendencies will take over. Anyway, I met some new people and ran into some people I already know, and it was a boost to my confidence that I can go out without the security of a group of guaranteed-people-to-talk-to and still have a good time.

More province-hopping this week, starting tonight with a meeting in Lower Hutt (I know), then Auckland-Invercargill-Dunedin-Cromwell-Queenstown-home on Friday.

And then my life goes nuts for another two weeks. Yay nuts. Often exhausting, never boring. *takes another vitamin pill*
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