April 13th, 2007


Vroom bumpbump skid vroom bumpbump

You know that feeling when you're in an aeroplane and it hits turbulence, suddenly drops then rushes up again? And your insides take a while to catch up? I like it. It's almost sexual.

Yes, I have had plenty of opportunities to experience this in the last few days.

Whangarei was typical Northland. Raining. No, hang on, sunny. Nope, raining again. Uh, I mean sunny. Doh, more rain... Auckland was blustery, grey and cold, and I waved out the plane window at you as I flew over, though I still can't tell the volcanoes apart to know which one is yours. New Plymouth was blustery, grey and cold - are you detecting the pattern here? I think there's a mountain near there (you may remember it from such movies as The Last Samurai and Lord of the Rings), but I didn't get to see it.

I did get to see the Biggest Bed Ever. In fact, I slept in it. I watched trashy TV and ate chocolate from the minibar and texted a lot. I got my pyjamas which had somehow been left in Auckland, just in time for bed. I laughed as the security in provincial airports didn't even ask me for ID, and gloated as I stacked up the airpoints. I despaired of builders ever being able to make a point in less than ten minutes. I met a guy from Waiotira who wants to ride a horse from El Paso to Alaska, and one who refurbished a house in Remuera ($140,000 a month) over three years for a self-made timber millionaire, who then proceeded to give the whole lot to his daughter as a wedding present.

I was reminded of how much I love Wellington as I flew in low over the city, much lower than you go in the 737s that do the commuter run to Auckland. Yeah, I waved at you too. ;-)

I'm glad to be home. Totally ready for a nap. Thinking about my social obligations for this evening, and contemplating psytrance tomorrow. I think a good long zone-out dance session will be good.

Also, I don't think I want to see another savoury pastry hearty fingerfood pie thing again. I get to do it all again next week. But next week there are two things to look forward to amongst the airports and the big empty beds. One is Cromwell in the autumn. The other is the one I'm smiling about.
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