April 11th, 2007

going native

Zen update (in more ways than one)

It would seem that Zen has somehow managed to hurt his back. Considering that the most animated he gets is when a cat flees suddenly (don't shoot the messenger, he's a terrier, mmk?), we have decided that he probably rolled over in his sleep and fell off the couch. Anyway, he's a bit better today, although he has Pathetic, In Pain and Should Be Carried Around down to a fine art. Yes, I carried him up the stairs last night. Then I went to let First off, and when I came back, he'd jumped the three feet from the lounge floor to the couch with nary a whimper. grist's dog is a ham. He should be on telly. But he's also 9 (10?) so he gets a bit of leeway. And he's very cute. *tries to find a picture* *fails* You'll just have to take my word for it. He has that baby-seal-eyes thing going on, and yes, he's cuter than First. She's prettier and more dignified, but he's definitely cuter.


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Also, since you won't have my ranting amusing writings to keep you entertained over the next couple of days, Here's an article about the development of Industrial as an art form. happyinmotion take note - it contains references to Survival Research Labs. And because I'm all about the crediting these days, thanks xhile for the link.

See you Friday.