April 4th, 2007


News Flash! Teenage chic looks good!

Yesterday afternoon while I was waiting for the bus, a man walked past. Yep, this is my news for the day. Thrilling, huh? Now please say along with me:

"Yes Tats, you have the most exciting life of anyone I know..."

*cough* Well, actually, this man was slightly more interesting than his surrounding rent-a-crowd, since he was wearing the trademark SooperTrendie stovepipes (oh, sorry, skinny jeans) combined with tailored tweed jacket and Doc Martens - you know, what all the pimply teenagers are wearing? Only this guy didn't look ridiculous like they generally do. His jeans actually fit him, and they weren't so tight you could see the tendons in his knees. He didn't look like he'd done a whoopsie in his pants, because he was wearing a belt so they were staying up. His shoulders were broad enough to carry a tailored jacket, and he was striding along with his head up instead of slinking along sideways, wondering if anyone was looking at him. He looked good.

He was also about 70. I am seriously impressed. The one person I've seen wear that look and make it look good is more than three times the age of the people who are trying to claim it.

(this could say more about me than about them)

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And the answer is yes, I am enjoying myself. *smile* Everything else will take care of itself.
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