April 3rd, 2007


"Cause everybody hates a tourist.. la la la"

Today, my expertise at my job has been reduced to "should it be 'the' or 'a' in there?" Interspersed with occasional dribbling and independent eye rolling. I kid you not. Number One Rule of my job - don't let the 'industry experts' get hold of your work. You will spend the next week undoing what they did. I'm sure they know what they are doing, but they really have no clue about what I'm doing.

*dribbles and eyerolls some more*

HA! There will be no 'the' or 'a'! I shall create a plural instead! Take that, industry experts!

(please someone, save me from myself)

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Finally - any astronomy geeks want to tell me how often a full moon falls on a specific date? My Mum asked me (apparently my birthday is a full moon this year). She also asked me what I want for a present. "Uh - a full spectrum laser light. In fact, a pair of full spectrum laser lights." And world peace. And a million dollars and a pony. And...

OK I'll stop now.
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