April 2nd, 2007


The sound of snares through a pillow

My ears are blocked! Wah. It happened during the landing of the plane last Monday, and hasn't cleared yet. I feel like a deaf old biddy, asking people to repeat themselves constantly. Tell you what, I reckon it's not being old that makes old people cranky, it's being bloody deaf. *grump*

Also - the weird feeling of blockage in my ears is disconcerting. Don't think I'll be trying tightrope walking this week. Must.clear.ears.

Hooping update. I sort of learned a new trick last night. I can now sort of rotate it round my shoulders. It looks particularly tardish and tempts me to make the "Muh-uh-doh-muh" noises that were so popular on Friday as I do it. Maybe with some drooling thrown in for added interaction..

I'm going away for Easter! Camping! Camping is now something to look forward to, since I have the best mattress in the world. Also - meals provided camping. And there will be cool people and fun and I'll sneak off on the Saturday night when they are serving hangi (ew!), and get myself some fish and chips and watch the sunset on the beach.

Looking forward to it. Short weeks ftw! And you can never have too many trips away. Speaking of which, I joined air points. Seems sensible, given the travel that's in my future. I'm thinking that by the end of the SWR tour, I'll almost have enough air points to buy a one way ticket to anywhere in NZ. Where shall I go?....

This post brought to you by no work to do and four days to do it in.

PS I took a liberty. I created another RSS feed: observnz_ljfeed. Now I don't have to go hunting for it. *smile*