April 1st, 2007


Impotent railing

Text based communication sucks. Roll on holographic chat functions. Someone want to build me one?

Unlike the person in the post below mine (that is, if you have the same friends I do), I managed to get out of my pjs by 2pm and go to the beach. At the beach, I found... The Kiwiburn Coffee Bus! That was cool.

My dog is a sociopath, by the way. With OCD. Maltese terriers are particular targets for her I'm-an-old-bitch-and-you'd-better-not-forget-it-ness. She's also a lot thinner and less carpet-looking since I brushed her. She is shedding her luxuriantly thick summer coat in favour of a more luxuriantly thick winter coat. This means we get another month of warm weather. Normally she sheds in February.

Also, I think I may have witnessed a Daring Sea Rescue. At least, there was a boat with smoke coming out of it, and another boat went over to it, then they both sailed away in the same direction, as if the smoke-boat was on tow. Riveting.

Now I'm going to get back into my pjs and go read a book. Because right now I want to kick the internet where it hurts. Except when it lets me download the new JetPilot mix. Then I want to hug it.

I wish you could hug -through- the internet.