March 30th, 2007

going native

Apropos of nothing

Question for locals - do you ever call Wellington 'Welly'? If you don't, does it bother you when other people do? I'm curious.

Today I dressed for it to be cold. I am wearing the Bright Pink Stockings O Doooom. These are the stockings that survived my adventures at Burning Man last year with nary a ladder nor snag. They are Tats Proof! And very very pink. They match my hair.. *grin* (i may also have other clothes on) Naturally, it isn't cold, it's quite warm, and it's turning into an internal debate along the lines of "Tooooo hot........ but but... PINK STOCKINGS!!!" Hehe, the age-old comfort vs vanity debate - reduced to a microcosm. Luckily I am a lateral thinker of sorts and I get to keep the stockings by removing other items. Thus I am taking Casual Friday to the extreme, and getting sideways glances from the poor sods who are in meetings today and have to dress for it, complete with ties.

Nuts to them. Weirdo Geek status has its advantages.

My first mortgage payment gets made today. We've had the house for 18 months but here is where we start coughing up ourselves instead of having a tenant to pay the rent. On one hand, I'm chafing at the thought of all that extra money going into something big and amorphous that I don't get to reap any benefits from for years and years. On the other, I feel very grown up all of a sudden. Don't worry, I'll get over it. *smile* probably about the same time I finish paying for my car and have disposable income again. This is me pulling my financial head in.

And, our washing machine gets fixed today. Calooh! Callay! The slow creep of fun fur across my room will cease and I will have socks.

My head is filled with romantic notions. Not ones about socks. Other ones. It's nice.

[EDIT] There is a group of people outside our building, protesting at butchers and calling them 'animal abusers'. Don't let me go out there.