March 26th, 2007


Home again, BLISSed out

Well, sort of. Waltzing into work at 12:15pm with pink hair, wearing cargoes, a tanktop, a backpack and four fluorescent hula hoops - after missing one flight and having another cancelled, does not exactly constitute 'home.'

However, I'm back. In Wellington. At work. I'll stay here till 5 then go home and do photo-ey things before collapsing.

Yep, I had the time of my life. It was extended by the abovementioned plane SNAFUs. There will be a photo post later. For now, two things:

Joel on a Stick had a well-documented, great time and made the most of the 'facilities'.

Helix is officially my favourite dj. He played Polarise for me. And Nine Inch Nails. *squee*

See you later, in colour.

JetPilot goes to the Smoke

As you probably know by now, Wellington Dance Collective bombed Bliss at Space in Auckland on Friday night. Unfortunately, JetPilot couldn't make it. *mutter*dumbstoopidphd*mutter* However, not to be daunted, we just used our leet scientific skillz0rs and made a clone, and took him along for the ride.

As you can see, he was quite excited at the prospect:

Collapse )

So, Mr Pilot? Are you happy with how we looked after you? You realise that when you come up for Bliss 2 you will have to wear the yellow t-shirt and your goggles - and everyone's going to go "Oh! So you're that guy!" And we might find out who took you home..

I think I should go sleep now.
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