March 21st, 2007


I shall now gouge my eyes out

'Pray for President Bush on March 21 as he welcomes to the White House Prime Minister Helen Clark of New Zealand. They will discuss our two nations’ common efforts in the War on Terror, and they will also talk about strengthening relations between our two countries."

From here.

I am gobsmacked. Common efforts? What bloody common efforts? Sorry Mr I-Use-Little-Kids-And-Don't-Have-Any-Qualms-About-Brainwashing-Them. Your troops are in Iraq, Afghanistan, who knows where else, making a motherfucking mess of their culture and their land. Our troops, wherever they go, try to help civilians. You know, the ones that are affected by what you're doing?

Fuck the fuck off. And while you're fucked off, have a read about what neutral country means. It's pretty simple.

If any politician in this country makes noises about sending fighting troops to help with your pointless war, they'll lose my vote. That's why I've continued to vote for Helen, despite the so-called over-pc-ness of her policy. The alternative wants to send troops to Iraq. I will not vote for them while there's a possibility that may happen. As for 'strengthening relations' - is this the bit where you threaten us with sanctions and tarriffs on our exports to the US if we don't toe your line, like your 1984 predecessor did when we gave your nuclear powered ships the Big Middle Finger? We sucked those tarriffs up, guys, and oh look! We're still here, doing better than ever.

Fuck off. We don't want you to hitch your disintegrating wagon to our star. Have you noticed that the smart people are bailing on you, getting as far away as they can? Guess where they are going?

And brainwashing kids into praying for things like immigration reform, firing of attorneys ("What's an attorney, Mum?" "Oh, it's some kind of animal." "What, they set them on fire?") and the safety of troops as they 'work hard to protect us and people all over the world.' SHAME. What loving God would support killing on that scale? What kind of God are they trying to show to these kids? SHAME.

Oh man. I can't read any more. This makes me feel ill.

I believe prayer and magic are the same thing with different labels. And these kids are too young to make informed choices about where they are focusing their intent. Using that to attempt to gain popularity and put spin on political doings? SHAME.

(This uninformed and emotionally motivated rant brought to you by early mornings, retired-builder anticipation and syn_abounds' net surfing skillz0rs)