March 19th, 2007


Go away for one day and... nobody posts. Huh.

The problem with being an expert in my field is that I spend a lot of time being shut in rooms having intense conversations about whether 'and', 'or', or 'and/or' is most acceptable/appropriate in this context. And explaining the difference between recommendations and instructions.

(and quietly tearing my hair out at the thought of doing it for the next three days)

However. Short late post due to the above circumstance:

1. Shameless Heather has been and gone. She is very cool.
2. I piked on dancing on Saturday due to being feverish and dizzy (yes. me. piked on dancing. chalk it up), yet today I feel fine.
3. You should go see Hot Fuzz if it means you have to live on toast for the rest of the week.
4. My Spaced has disappeared. This makes me sad. But I haven't looked behind the couch yet.
5. Only four days to go till Bliss.
6. Last night something really wonderful happened to me. I'll tell you when I get over going *squeee*
7. Tonight there will be sewing. I went to Spotlight. *drumroll* Yes, there will be photos.
6. K Mart sells fluorescent duct tape.

That is all. That's quite a lot really, isn't it?
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