March 15th, 2007

going native

Shout out to Wellington burners

OK so Shameless Heather is arriving in town today. She needs somewhere to sleep while she's here. I'm not sure how long she'll be here but it will be at least tonight and Friday night. Before I offer her our spare room (which is kind of skoady and full of boxes, and also far enough out of town to be a hassle), I thought I'd chuck it out there that someone else might have something a little nicer to offer her.

Anyone? Comment here or email me if you can Help Out Heather. She's a couchsurfer, so any large couch in a storm will do..

Also, I'd like to get hold of Medic and I don't have his phone number. Please email me if you have it.

Things are suddenly looking really busy. Today I forgot to wear my belt and my pants are falling down. I should have gone to bed early last night but instead I stayed up chatting on Skype.

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Yesterday I made myself a budget. Yes, I will be able to eat things other than baked beans more than once a week between now and July. I'm thinking maybe spaghetti. With meatballs. Because the meatballs make them luxury! (yes yes I know they aren't really meat - nothing that bounces when you drop it can really be called meat. meat goes *splat* not *bounce*). In July, that golden month that is really only four months away, I will finally own my car outright. Money will stop disappearing from my bank account, and once again I'll be flush. Till then.. I may have to tighten my belt - when I remember to wear one that is....

Roll on July. Or, roll on work giving me that realistic payrise. Nope, haven't forgotten. Won't let them forget either. Nyah.

Also, this.

A thing I noticed: People from overseas, when they talk about the North Island and the South Island, say that they will be 'on' whichever island. People who live here say 'in' the island. Odd.