March 14th, 2007


Welcome to Wellington, where it hasn't rained for weeks. No really.

Today I'm wearing stockings. WTF? It's March. Not July. Not September. March. We haven't even had the equinox yet and me having to wear stockings before the equinox is a travesty. The stockings, however, are not a travesty. Especially not combined with Lara Croft styles camo mini that glows under blacklight, and Doc Martens.

But still, WTF?

Also, storm warning for this afternoon - gale force etc etc blah blah (it's gonna be windy, yeah so what's new?) and torrential rain this evening. We could do with some torrential. Except for the bit where I live on the side of a cliff that sprouts a waterfall whenever we get heavy rain, and it hasn't rained for literally weeks. I see some slips in Ngaio Gorge in my future. Hopefully not with me in them.

People I'd like to have dinner with this week: All the San Francisco burners in the world! And, it would seem, I'm going to get to. Where values of 'all' means 5 (this is not counting the ones who are now kiwis). Yeah, for some reason SF burners are visiting Wellington this week. Maybe there's a special deal or something. Met Dina and Grant last night and discovered that a beef Po Boy is a contradiction in terms, almost. Who knew? Damnit, our cows can swim! Nyah.

Next is Monika, then Shameless Heather, and then Rich (who isn't really from SF, he's English and lives in Auckland, but he's been there for the last wee while). This will take me nicely into the weekend, in which I plan to sew frantically and fiddle with electronics for next weekend.

Yesterday, my day was made by a phonecall from the Devil's Toenail. *silly smile* I've got it bad. Someone please slap me. Oh hang on, don't. I like this. ;-)

*looks out the window* It's clear and still. I brought my raincoat anyway. Did you?
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